How should I plan to begin my treatments?

At the beginning of the first session you will complete a health questionnaire and spend some time speaking with me about the goals and intentions as applied to their unique situation and structure. Initially, Structural Integration treatments are administered in a minimum series of ten sessions. Each session is approximately one hour in length. It is preferable that the sessions are received, one per week for ten weeks in a row. The ten sessions are administered progressively; each session builds upon the last until complete integration of the body is achieved.

What should I wear during each session?

Because Sturctural Integration is an active form of treatment that necessitates postural analysis, and observation of walking and other general movements, you will wear "viewing clothes" for each treatment.

Male clients typically wear swim trunks or underwear and women wear two piece swimsuits or bra and underwear.

What do the treatments feel like?

During some sessions you may experience a warm, pleasant sensation from the area that I am working with. Some individuals do not experience any sensation while others may experience momentary discomfort described as intensity. I apply the appropriate pressure based on the needs and feedback of your comfort level.

How am I expected to participate in the treatments?

The majority of the treatment is done on a massage therapy table and at times you will be asked to participate in the session- to breathe into the area being worked on or to make small, specific movements. During each sessions I teach you to become aware of habitual patterns of movement and imbalances in your body and give you suggestions to support you in working toward making changes in these patterns during your daily life.

How many treatments will I need?

After the basic ten series is complete I usually suggest that you take a break from scheduling additional treatments to allow a period of time for your body to adapt and fully integrate. This waiting period can be anywhere from one month to one year based on the unique way your structure is balanced. After the waiting period you can return for "tune-up" sessions or advanced sessions to further your process of integration.

What are Advanced Sessions?

After the Ten Session Series is completed, the body evolves and changes, and in time deeper, more subtle work becomes possible. The Advanced Sessions are designed for the client who desires or needs additional treatments. For more detailed information on the Advanced Three Series and Five Series click here.

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