After the 10 session series is completed, the body evolves and changes, and in time deeper, more subtle work becomes possible. The advanced sessions are designed for the client who desires or needs additional treatments.

Single Session $100
Often a single or “tune up” session will accomplish a lot and get you back on to your line. Many times we don’t notice when our bodies are calling for some more attention until they are screaming, so it makes sense to get a session every now and then. Personally, I like to get about four sessions a year or go through the three, or five session advanced series.

Advanced 3 Series $300
A 3 session series is good if you would like a tune up or if you have experienced some sort of trauma or injury (emotional or physical) and need more than one session to get back on track. The basic recipe for a 3 session series is: lower body, upper body, followed by an integrative line session. Recommended spacing for the sessions is one session each week.

Advanced 5 Series $500
The advanced 5 session series is as powerful and life changing as the basic 10 session series and it is designed to be
repeatable. Expect to receive the work sitting and standing in the field of gravity to integrate the whole system from inside to outside. The advanced 5 introduces a new depth of awareness in the body and is great for when you feel a need for deeper change in some aspect of your life. Recommended spacing for the sessions is generally one session each week.

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