Info for New Clients
  • Sessions are approximately one hour to 90 minutes
  • The 10 Sessions can be spread out over 5-10 weeks or longer if necessary (1-2 sessions per week is ideal)
  • Men, please wear swim trunks, briefs or boxer-briefs. Women, please wear a two piece bathing suite or bra and underwear.
  • If you have already received the 10 series, you may choose to repeat the series or continue your body's journey with advanced work in a 3 series or a 5 series. Click here for more information about advanced session treatments.

Payment Methods & Treatment Rates

Cash or checks are accepted. Insurance coverage pending approval of client.

Single Session $150

10 Session Series $1500

3 Session Series $450

5 Session Series $750

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice you will be charged the full amount of the missed session.

An overview of the 10 Session Series:

Session One creates a sense of “lift” of the thorax (chest) off of the pelvis (hips), frees the restrictions of the ribs in order to enhance breathing, and makes the hips more horizontal.

Session Two focuses on the feet and legs, creating the “foundation” for the body. It also lengthens the extensors of the back and helps the alignment of the hips.

Session Three works on the outer (lateral) line of the body, focusing on the area between the neck and the hips and is concerned with the relationship of the front of the body with the back of the body. Work with the shoulders and related structures is included.

Session Four is about the inner line (medial) of the body and is the first session to directly address the core space, specially the pelvic floor. Work on the hips and inner legs (adductors) is featured, with corresponding work on the upper back.

Session Five highlights the abdomen and the deep hip flexors (psoas). It is concerned with lengthening of the front line of the body and in harmony with the middle back. It often contains work on the arm and hands.

Session Six addresses the deep rotator muscles of the hips (muscles under the “glutes”), the sacrum (base of the spine) and the whole extensor compartment of the back.

Session Seven is the head and neck session. Structures of the thoracic inlet, shoulders, upper back and jaw are addressed. There is a concentration of work in the mouth, neck and head.

Session Eight and nine can be alternated. Session eight usually concentrates on integrating the structures of the lower body and freeing the lumbar-dorsal hinge area (lower back).

Session Nine usually concentrates on integrating the structures of the upper body and freeing the mid-dorsal hinge (middle/upper back).

Session Ten is an overall integration of the body. Traditionally, it begins at the feet and continues up to the head, coordinating the work of prior sessions and balancing all areas of the body, according to individual need.



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